Thursday, 8 February 2018

My first quilt

Just before Christmas I finally finished my first proper patchwork quilt. I am so pleased with it. So the seams are a little off in places and the colours are not always in the right places - or even the right pattern for the project. But I made a proper quilt.

I used several charm packs and fabrics from Moda in traditional patterns and backed it in fabric from the Gratitude collection in Parchment, also by Moda.

At the moment it lives on my bed. It is an excellent extra layer on the cold winter nights. However, what really struck me when I finished it was how close I felt to history. For centuries people made patchwork quilts to use up old fabric and make something functional. It would often come from necessity rather than fun. But there is something very wonderful about a home made quilt. It gives a comfort that I have never felt from a shop bought quilt. I can't help but wonder if that magical feeling happened for our ancestors too.

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