Sunday, 22 April 2018

More new paper beads for spring

I finally got them photographed. Hooray! For a change, we have had some bright weather which allows me to get brighter photos too. Some pretty Peacock Feather beads are first up. Years ago I made some hand painted peacock feather beads that were very popular. Sadly, I had to stop hand painting my beads due to time constraints. But I always wanted to bring back some feathers.
peacock feather paper beads
Next we have some flaming red beads called, strangely, Flame. It has been a long, cold winter here (although not as cold as in some places) and I think I was inspired to create something with a bit of warmth. These ones have a grungy, distressed and abstract design.
flame paper beads
As usual, they are in my Etsy shop.

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