Saturday, 29 August 2020

Can you help with an art survey? Please!

Today I have a little request. If you read my previous post about new things I have been trying, you will know that there are a few plans I want to put into action.

Art sales have been slow over the last couple of years so I have been trying to think of a few things I can do and things I can sell. The trouble is, I am never sure what people are really interested in. I know they like my art, both the detailed and realistic stuff and the loose and free stuff. But I know the price of original art can put people off, and the younger generations are not as interested in owning art long term. Many people like buying low cost art prints then throwing them away once they get tired of them. That is a bit of a problem for someone who has sold a lot of original work in the past. I have also been burned when making investment in products I see selling well elsewhere. For me, they just didn't do so well. Ouch! So I would like to ask for your help.

watercolour rabbit greetings card

My mind has been in overdrive for weeks with ideas - I am considering getting some art made into prints, greetings cards and stickers but would like to know your opinions on a few things. Would you mind taking a short survey for me? It is just 5 questions covering the style of art you like, why you buy art (either original art/prints or printed products with art on) and the subject matter you like to see - and it's anonymous. It would be a huge help to me and would help me plan for the future. 

wildlife stickers rabbit, mouse and badger

Here is the link:

Thank you so much in advance.


Nana said...

You're right about it being hard to sell art. I started out wanted to sell prints, but didn't do well. Started doing pendants with little pictures as art you could wear and then fell completely into jewellery from there, where I found my way :oD Funny old world.

I would definitely say go with prints and then offer the originals to the people who want more.
Another thing which might appeal to Etsy sellers are tiny notecards, which I struggle to find a good variety of. When people buy a gift from me which goes directly to the person they buy for; adding a full postcard/greeting card feels like too much, so I try to find tag sized art, but it's not easy to find. Trees and plants fit my brand and your style is a good match.

Just did your survey :o)
Good luck

Gillian McMurray said...

Hi Nana! Thank you so much for doing the survey. That is a big help.

Strangely, I started on Etsy selling jewellery (it didn't sell well) and then ended up selling my beads and art there :D I suppose the beauty of Etsy is that it allows you to move between genres without too much fuss. I am definitely thinking of going with prints and cards at the moment. Stickers are very popular but there is not much profit in them. I might add them to my web site later though. I do like your idea about little notecards. It is definitely something to think about. Thank you!