Thursday, 1 October 2020

Wildlife greetings cards and stickers for a new dawn - hopefully.

I did it! I finally got some greetings cards and stickers made up with my art on. I can't believe it! For years I wanted to have my work on greetings cards - even submitting my art to many card publishers. Much to my disappointment, I was rejected each time. I was approached by a card company a few years back to design a card for the RSPB too - but after initial contact from the company I heard nothing more. As a result I am horribly nervous about putting my cards out there now.

Watercolour fox greetings card

This is just a small run to start with but I am hoping to add new designs over time. 

Watercolour wildlife stickers

If you would like to take a look at the full range then you can find it at my web site: where you will find rabbits, hares, badgers, foxes and woodmice alongside autumn leaves, shells and butterflies.


Watercolour hare greetings card

Watercolour british wildlife vinyl stickers

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