Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Happy Year of the Rat

It has been very spring like today. Warm and sunny, birds twittering in the bushes, a little spring cleaning going on and the windows open. We'll probably have snow tomorrow.
Speaking of tomorrow - it's the Chinese New Year. This will be the Year of the Rat. Being a rat myself (having been born in the year of the rat - not that I have a tail and fur) and with a love of all things rodentia I am quite pleased. However, I took a look at a Year of the Rat horoscope and discovered that it wasn't to be too great a year for us rats. Usually a specific animal year is good for those born in those years. In other words, it should be good for rats. But it isn't. And water rats (those born in the year corresponding to a specific element - water, air, earth, metal, wood) are to be worst off of all rats. Guess what I am? Yup, a water rat. Oh deep joy! One of these days my luck will turn and I will drop dead of shock. Lucky I don't pay much attention to horoscopes then.
Anyway, to commemorate the Year of the Rat I have made an ATC with a papercut rat. I have also included some pics of inchie designs I am sending out for swap.

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Seth said...

From one rat to another -- really great papercut!