Thursday, 4 September 2008

Pretty brads

Another new discovery today. I have some large, brass brads that have been sitting in my craft drawer for over a year. I don't know why I bought them but they are of little use to me. I was going to send some to a swap hostess but they are very boring. Then I remembered one of my favourite techniques that I have used for making beads and decorating metal discs. It came from Issue 13 of Cloth, Paper, Scissors (Dipped & Delightful by Kelly Perkins) and I have used the techniques hundreds of times since I read the article.

I dabbed two colours of alcohol ink onto the top of the brads and let it dry. Then I rubbed the tops on an embossing ink pad and dipped them in clear embossing powder. A quick blast with a heat gun (using tweezers to hold them) and another dip into clear embossing powder. Before I reheated them I tapped out a tiny amount of silver or copper embossing powder and a little glitter ready for the next step. It just saves time before the embossing powder cools. So another blast with the heat gun and I dipped the edges in the metallic embossing powder and a little of the glitter. More heat with the heat gun to blend them all together and I allowed some of the embossing powder mixture to drop off onto some paper/craft sheet/glass/tile. Just one little drop as the top of the brad was a bit deformed and heavy due to too much powder. This creates a nice dome when the brad is held upright. Once cool there is a beautiful decorative brad that is much nicer to send as a swap gift. The little drips that are the by-product of the technique can be picked off the paper/tile/etc and stuck onto cards, ATCs inchies or whatever as they are slightly coloured and sparkly.


Wabbit said...

This would be great for brass-headed thumbtacks too (flat-headed push pins?). I was making some little tags from scraps of left-over paint-scraped paper but was stymied by the way the brass heads of the tacks looked. This will be perfect for making them unique! Thanks for reminding me of this, Gillian!

craftirn said...

Great tip. I will try this!

Seth said...

Nice technique. Thanks for sharing!