Monday, 1 September 2008


It's September!!! This is the time of year that I actually feel best. The weather is cool, the trees are changing their livery, animals are running around stuffing themselves silly before winter. Ahh! The best time of year as far as I am concerned. From now until Christmas I should have more energy so work will actually get done. I HATE the summer. I always feel like I am decomposing from the inside out. The weather is too hot, the insects drive me mad and I suffer from hayfever. Now I can look forward to those bright frosty days (providing we actually have frost as it has been lacking over the last few years) listening to the robins twittering in the trees.

To prove what I have just said about having more energy I have scanned my coloured pencil dog again. I have been working on him today and this is my progress report. I am finding the pencils easier to work with now. I had been trying to follow a couple of step-by-step projects of dogs but have just discovered that trying to draw my own way works better. Now, that might sound obvious to some but when I tried it before I was getting nowhere fast. I believe I needed to try other artist's techniques in order to find my own.


Seth said...

So great that you are experiencing your favorite time of year. And equally great that we get to see this incredible drawing you have created.

Wabbit said...

Oh, I am 100% with you on how wonderful and invigorating autumn is! In my opinion, summer is highly overrated. The drawing of that dog is fabulous, Gillian! How well you have done that expressive face!