Thursday, 18 September 2008

This week's creativity

I have spent the last week and a half doing some home improvement. I had to lay some floorboards to stop the winter winds blowing through the cracks in the floor. On the worst winter nights I used to be able to watch the carpet lifting from the floor, oozing and puffing up like a monster from the black lagoon. But now I need new carpet so the boards have been laid to keep the electricity bills down and the wind out. Then came the carpet. This is a job I have done many times before but it is not the most fun. It is a very hot, sweaty and exhausting job trying to lay carpet in a room where you can only remove half of the furniture at a time. I had to empty one half of the room, lay the carpet, move the furniture back along with the stuff from the other half of the room then lay the other half. Phew. There just isn't the room in my house to put all the furniture at once. There has not been much creativity as a result - just a few cards, a decorated notebook and some inchies.

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Seth said...

Funny you end the post by saying your creativity was limited. When I first saw the photos on the post I thought that you had been both creative and productive!