Wednesday, 15 October 2008


I have an Etsy shop! I have been working on stocking it this week and currently have 12 items listed including text pages from British books. What's more, I have already had two sales. It was such a wonderful surprise to have a sale just two days after uploading my first items.

I am hoping that this store will take off a little better than my last attempt at online sales. My last shop got no traffic from the people who said thousands of people went through the store every week. It frequently crashed and then disappeared without any notice. I was not amused. I will be adding more things as I create them and hope to even add some of my art. If you would like to take a look the link is

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Wabbit said...

The shop looks wonderful, Gillian! (You didn't say how many of the brads you get in the description, by the way, but I'd assume that you get the 12 in the photo.) I can hardly wait to see what you put in there next.