Thursday, 23 October 2008


It is definitely autumn now. The trees turned yellow quite quickly. Unfortunately the gales we get at this time of year started just after the leaves turned so they all get blasted off the trees and the colours are very short lived. Fungi is lacking too. I love the shapes of toadstools and mushrooms. They are sculptural, swooping curves and glorious colours. But with so few around right now I do not get much chance to draw them. Perhaps there will be a few more later in the autumn.
I have added a few pics here of inchies I made for a recent swap. Lots of doggies this time. I also made a tiny papercut woodland scene. Unfortunately I did not stick it down straight so one of the trees look slightly wonky. There are a few extra beads, some of which I put on Etsy. I also drew a colour pencil badger - Peek-a-boo Badger. I am slowly getting the hang of coloured pencils. Still got a way to go though.


Seth said...

Great autumn colors in those beads. And that badger has so much character!

Mari said...

Nice cards you have here.

Thanks for your nice comment on my blog.

Wabbit said...

The badger is incredible! I love your small animal drawings.