Friday, 29 August 2008

Q & A part 2

OK, I must be in a sharing mood these last few days. I came across some more questions on Craftside's blog and had to answer them 'cos the prize is a book from Quayside Publishing Group's Craft titles. So I will share my answers here too.

1. What is your favorite CRAFT book? At the moment, '1000 Artist Journal Pages' by Dawn DeVries Sokol.

1.A. What is it about that book that makes you love it so much? I am new to journals and love the pictures and inspiration on each page.

2. What is your favorite NON-CRAFT book? The Jason Voyage by Tim Severin.

3. What is your current project? Making greetings cards for various birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas.

4. What "craft/technique" is next on your list of "to-do's". Faux batik.

5. What do you make to give as gifts? Bags, bookmarks, polymer clay ornaments, jewellery, cross-stitch pictures, paintings and drawings.

6. What do you make for yourself? Same as above plus cardboard boxes for storing pretty, little things.

7. What is your favorite place to get inspiration? Outside in nature.

8. Do you make your own greeting/holiday cards? Always.

9. What is your favorite thing that inspires you? Nature.

10. What music are you listening to now? None.

11. What holiday do you craft mostly for? Christmas.

12. What topic/technique would you like to have a book on? Marbling.

13. Who in the crafting world inspires you most? Cindy Lyles at Starlit Studio. She makes wonderful cards and notebooks.

14. Taken from Ravelry, What is your favorite curse word? (just cause I love this question!) I can't repeat it. ;o)

Craftside's blog is great for getting the lowdown on recently published and older craftbooks. I find myself clicking links that people recommend so often that I have added it to my feeds. That way I can see updates and not forget. It is worth taking a look if you are a craftbook-aholic.


Seth said...

I just got 1000 Artist Journals and am really enjoying discovering so many new artists. Very inspiring.

Wabbit said...

I love 1000 Artist Journals too. The contents just amaze and inspire me. But what blows me away is how many of the artists I know. I am so lucky to have talented friends!