Thursday, 7 February 2008

Creative links

Here are a few web sites that might interest some of you who are into cardmaking, scrapbooking or who are animal artists.

These two web sites provide page layouts for cardmaking and other such crafts. I make alot of cards either because I am trying to exhibit my creativity as often as I can or because I am too tight fisted to pay for a shop bought card (the jury is out on that one). Still, there are many times when I have problems with finding a layout. I usually break out my copies of Somerset Studio for inspiration but these sites will certainly be a help too.

This next one is a forum for those who love pet portrait or wildlife art - mainly those who take part already or want to learn more. It is a fantastically friendly place full of helpful people. Click the pic to visit.

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virtual nexus said...

Lovely refreshing site - all the best with your art and your course.