Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Lolly sticks

I am a bit of hoarder when it comes to anything that can be used in art. In one of my art drawers I came across a bundle of old lollipop sticks. Gloria Page uses what she calls 'craft sticks' (but I would call tongue depressers or leg wax spatulas) in her book, Art Stamping Workshop. She paints them then stamps them and uses them in projects. I figured that lollipop sticks would work the same. So I painted a few in bright colours, stamped with black Staz On and wrapped with wire and beads. Now I have to think of a project or two to use them with.


mcdc3s said...

I love them! You know... I was thinking the same of using "Paint Stirs" - somewhat larger. Perhaps somehow piecing them side by side... like a picket fence - not necessarily even would look lovely as a wall hanging! Glad you meet you. I have come here via Seths blog.

Mari said...

I use them to embellish my bird houses, like those plant-on planks on tudor designed houses.