Thursday, 21 February 2008

Mother's Day approacheth

Mother's Day is hurtling towards us fast in the UK. March 2nd to be precise. Which means more gift buying for my Mum. She is a nightmare to buy for. My Dad likes reading and listening to music so at least there is something to fall back on if inspiration (or a gift list) is not forthcoming. My Mum doesn't have any hobbies to speak of and buying bubble bath gets a bit repetitive after 35 years. Even making her gifts is starting to make me look tight fisted. Never mind, something will turn up. Meanwhile, this is the card I made for her. Luckily she doesn't read my blog. The unfortunate thing is the vellum warped a little. I think it took a dislike to the double sided tape I used. I can't take it off either as I used the super duper sticky stuff. If it gets any worse I will remake the card.

Update - the vellum smoothed out perfectly and the card was a great success.

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mcdc3s said...

hehe... yes, hopefully she doesn't read your blog. Sometimes it is hard isn't it - shopping for certain people. Maybe something she enjoys consuming... and get a "special gourmet" version of it... like a coffee, tea, candy, spices, etc. (if she is a cooker or drinker in that aspect). A new coin purse? A new umbruella (sp) for the rain? LOL, good luck!