Saturday, 8 March 2008


You would think spammers have better things to do with their time than skip through arty blogs adding their 'links' to the comments section. It would seem that my blog is particularly attractive to them. Last week I quietly returned to non-moderated comments hoping the danger had passed (and hoping that the spammers had read the post below - silly me). Unfortunately more spam comments were added today. Can you tell I'm annoyed? I really appreciate that people leave comments for me and it angers me that some folk use this facility to pass on information that is neither relevant or appropriate. The offence to others that might be caused is also a worry. I hate that people cannot see their comments immediately now. It gives a sense of satisfaction to see one's comments straight away. Grrrrr! I hope it won't deter people from leaving comments though. As I said below, I love to read those comments. It's nice to know my things are spreading a little inspiration and a few smiles.


Seth said...

So frustrating! I got a spam comment yesterday as well. Still, I am going to remain without moderation as long as I can. And no worries...those with sincere comments will never be detered from leaving them.

Mari said...

A friend of mine had a spam in characters (Chinese or Japanese). She posted it and then deleted it, finally, when someone translated the characters. LOL