Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Lord of the Inchies

I have added a few pictures here of things I have been making recently. Some more microscope slides and some inchies. Someone on the 1x1 Inchies group made a suggestion for a new swap this week. I suspect she did not expect very much attention to be paid to the suggestion but, wow! Everyone was so enthusiastic. Her suggestion? A Star Trek inchie swap. I have been a member of several Yahoo groups for a couple of years and have not seen a suggestion be accepted with such enthusiasm. The idea expanded and evolved over the week and now we are having a Star Wars and Lord of the Rings swap too. The Yahoo art groups I am a member of seem to be made up primarily of women but it seems there are a huge number of sci-fi and fantasy fans among them. I am so pleased. I grew up with sci-fi and fantasy. My Dad was, and still is, a huge fan so it rubbed off on me. So my first set of inchies were made last night and I have added the photo here. The inchies are simply a layered background of white and green with silver embossed edges. I made tiny ivy leaf embellishments like the cloak fasteners given to the fellowship in the first LotR movie. I used polymer clay and silver plated wire and drove myself one step further to insanity in the process. The LotR swap isn't due until the summer but I was inspired and now at least they will be made in time. Today I am working on the Star Wars ones (due in April) and will post them once finished.

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