Thursday, 6 March 2008

Meeting Aesop

As you may have noticed I have a guard wolf on my blog. Aesop's the name, guarding's the game. Hopefully he will keep those spammers at bay. Although he is rather too cute to be considered fearsome. I first came across these little add ons when my sister got a tiger called Inigo for her Bebo site. About five minutes ago I discovered that they can be added to blogs and just couldn't resist. OK, so I'm having a second childhood.


virtual nexus said...

lol - I had the Woolf on one of mine and called him Timber? The cat is the most articulated of all of them; took us ages to realize they react if you stroke them....

Thanks for the comment on mine!

Mari said...

Oh, that's a cute pet dog. I might adopt one for myself, and have my third childhood. LOL

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Mari said...

Err...I mean, pet wolf. Lol I got myself a tiger...cute little thing.