Friday, 7 March 2008

More cards

This week I have produced a couple of cards using printouts of my own paintings and some hand painted paper. I have spent several years trying to sell my art to card companies but to no avail. Card companies are driven by fashion as much as the clothing industry. Unfortunately the fashion these days is for naive, cartoon-like cards. They are not to my taste but card companies appear and disappear very quickly. They have to pick those designs they can guarantee will sell. Which leaves alot of artists out in the cold. Printing my own cards would cost an arm and a leg so this is the nearest I will get to my art being used on cards - for now at least. The other card uses an image from Dover - the Easter bunny. I was particularly pleased with the blue 'ribbon'. I sliced some self coloured paper into 1.5cm strips then rubber stamped them with a slightly darker ink. Patterned ribbon is very expensive here so this makes a nice (and cheap) alternative.

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Seth said...

Gillian: The second card is so beautiful. The red is so vibrant.