Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Claudio Gil

I love calligraphy. Over the years I have done a little here, a little there. Sometimes decorative, sometimes practical. Some of the work I have seen by other calligraphers is so stunning it defies words. But this guy beats 'em all. Claudio Gil. If you are interested take a look at his blog: I came across his work by chance. Chrysti at Art by Chrysti did a post about a new book, 1000 Artist Journal Pages, and I looked it up on Taking a look through the book on their online reader I saw his pages and was blown away. His blog has links to sketchbooks and videos. I will be treking his blog for some time, I feel.


Seth said...

Thanks for the link Gillian. Amazing stuff. His writings are almost more like abstract art than letter forms.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gillian,
Thanks for showing the work of Claudio Gil! I was sent a link to you from Seth, from The Altered Page, who knew I'd be interested in Claudio's work. Awesome! Your site is lovely, and I promise I'll be back to look around some more. For now, it's waaaay past my bedtime!

mcdc3s said...

What talent. So artsy.