Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Snail's pace

I am convinced that we will have an early autumn here. Fields round about are golden already so harvest will start soon. The autumn fruits are already well formed and will ripen soon. Some of them, like the rowan berries and some blackberries, are already ripe. Rowans are two to four weeks early in ripening this year when compared to the last three years. The swallow and house martins have started to congregate on the telegraph wires and from my window I have noticed a few yellowing leaves on the horse chestnut and beech trees. To top it off I received an e-mail from a bird tracking web site today that announced 'Autumn is here!'. Yippee!

With all the rain we have been having the snails in my garden have been having a rare time to themselves. There is hardly a plant left that has not been munched. My poor sunflowers look more like cloud-flowers, ragged and full of holes. So much for wanting to paint some stunning sunflowers like van Gogh. Still, at least I can sketch the snails. They really are the ideal life model. They move so slowly that I can draw them before they have time to change position.

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Seth said...

Talk about making the best of a situation! Nice sketches.